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Originally Posted by Instant Rayman View Post
I don't know if it was all a dream but I kind of remember like about 16 years ago when I was in Kindergarten, we went on a field trip to some place in Edmonton for our Dinosaur unit. I had an amazing time there. There was this big T-Rex which was I guess powered by a motor or something and it would lower its head and roar to everyone beneath it. It was like behind a cage. There were a bunch of other cool displays with Dinosaurs either fighting or just moving. One display I remember was where I think a Triceratops had its head bitten off and the other Dinosaur seemed to grab it with its mouth up and down repeating itself.

Anyways, did such a place ever exist or is it just a dream I've had stuck with me forever now?
One summer, over a decade ago, there was a dinosaur exhibit at Louise McKinney Park (the park below the Shaw Conference centre). This was before the Chinese Garden was built in the park. I remember driving past it everyday, a giant tent was built to house the dinosaurs.

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