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07-02-2012, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by danaluvsthekings View Post
Well the CBA is the agreement between the league and the players. Perhaps tampering would be covered more in the league by-laws, which in the past weren't public record. I think they might have come out in one of the Phoenix court cases though. That might be a better place to look.

Edit- Tampering is covered in the NHL by-laws. Section 15. Page 52 of the PDF.
Thank you, much appreciated.

Looks like my dream scenario was all plausible.

I can't get it to copy and paste on the iPad but the rules allow for a 5M fine, prohibition of a contract with the player, loss of draft picks, and transfer of cash and/or picks to the aggrieved team. Section 15 in the bylaws.

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