Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-02-2012, 05:24 AM
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I like the signing, a little longer then I would have wanted and 2.5M is a little high but to me it shows how badly management wanted to add him and that shows to me that they understand that adding more grit/sandpaper/toughness was that needed to be done this off season. Signing guys like Prust/Moen/Armstrong/Bouillon are solid character additions that give workman like efforts consistently (I haven't paid attention to Armstrong when he was with the leafs but couldn't stand him on the pens, but i'm thinking opposing fans will hate him next season or so i'm hoping) plus I think they are good to have around for the incoming youth.

To me, the Habs need to rebuild the blueline and that I assume is going to take time, and not likely done via UFA's. I'd rather see them get hard working players that you can count on to play the game hard and not be fun to play against. Personally I think the Habs are going to struggle again, so not being so soft and easy to play against is the direction they should go in imo. Not only where the Habs one of the worst teams in the NHL, they had one of the softest D's in the league and were just too easy to push around.

I don't think their problems will be a quick fix, I hope they learned the lesson that building the team via UFA's is NOT the way to go. Having core players as hired guns often doesn't work out. The Habs have an exciting future with the young core of Price/Pac/Subban plus others like Eller/DD/White to go with the upcoming youth of Gally/Beaulieu/Tinordi/Leblanc/Gallagher/Kristo/Collberg/Bennett/Ellis etc.... They are still missing a lot of high end talent in the organization, but with the recent addition of Gally and others the club has improved in that aspect as well. Plus they could be setting themselves up very nicely to add some big pieces next June as they already are looking at 4 top 60 picks which could end up being a game changer when you add the mix of Timmins + and possibly improved scouting group (more hands on deck and a full year of Timmins doing nothing but scouting) + what many seem to think could end up being a whale of a draft class = a possible huge step forward for the rebuilding of the Montreal Canadiens.

Just for the record, I will never support a tank job, I just can't support losing as it makes me sick to see this team lose. But I also know that I don't have much of a choice in the matter. I just think that the Habs don't have a ton of skill or high end players and that the team is going to be in tough to make the playoffs unless some big changes are in the mix from the new magement.

Personally I'd rather see them do things the right way, build through the draft, focus on improving the development of our prospects, not load up key positions with hired guns (UFA's) and improve the infrastructure in management so we avoid the previous GM's mistakes. Stop getting bent over in trades, stop drafting/developing so much talent only to see them shine on other clubs. Granted I know that the new management isn't going to win every deal and that some of our draft picks just won't cut it with us but a change of scene can help some get back on track, so you are going to have some draft picks excel elsewhere. But hopefully we see some improvement in the areas that have not been going so well for the Habs, well since the mid '90's, as at the end of the day all Hab fans want to see us return to our Cup winning ways and while that road may still be in the future, hopefully we are headed in the right direction.

The Habs will not be a team that gets pushed around next season as easily as they did last year. I got to think that changes are still in the works to address the defense, hopefully more then just Bouillon, but losing 2 out of Kabs/Weber/Diaz I'd like to see at some point as having half of your top 6 can not be made up of those 3 (which I don't think it will). They hopefully will be a team that brings it on a much more consistent basis, a team that works harder (will be interesting to see how they handle Bourque/Gomez going forward) as the rest of the team at least so far looks to be made up of players that you can count on them working hard minus the Bourque/Gomez/Kabs group. With guys like Prust/White/Moen/Armstrong/Emelin/Gorges/Bouillon the Habs will have several players that bring a solid physical game as well as being lunch pale types that just put on the hard hat and go to work.

As they look to improve the defense, they can

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