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Originally Posted by White Plains Batman View Post
I remember Dubi who is the player rep saying how it needed to be modified how the playoff structure wasn't really fair.

It's a horrible and backwards idea and will really hurt certain teams like Carolina who will always have to go up against teams that can outspend them and have more resources.

The Rangers Division would be the hardest in hockey by far.
That would be cyclical. Unless you just expect pitt, philly, nj, washington to be good forever? But, what you will avoid is situations like we had this year where the 4, 5, and 6 seeds in each conference have better records than a division winner. How are big market teams going to outspend Carolina? You do realize there IS a salary cap in this league, correct?

For years people said no one will ever be able to compete in the AL East because the Yanks and Red Sox were head and shoulders above everyone else. Guess that changed.

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