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07-02-2012, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Flyers fan dropping in here. I really don't think you will get three roster players in return for Weber from the Flyers. Now before you say i'm crazy let me try to explain my self. All the reports that are coming out it looks like Suter and parise won't be signing here. So if we give you three roster players for Shea Weber(2 forwards, and a dman), forwards we would have 9. Defenseman we would be alright with, because trading coburn or Mez and replacing him with Weber is amazing.

The thing is with the forwards. We trade you Couturier and Voracek, we are depleted up front now. This wouldn't be a bad thing, only if free agency didn't start yet. If this was made at the draft it would be a great deal.


Making this sort of trade would kill us up front. You could move Read up front with Giroux, but then we would need a whole third line. Almost all the third line players are off the board now into free agency(the one's at least I was interested in). There is no way this deal goes down.

1st(2014)(also have to remember we will be holding the draft this year, Flyers will most likely want to have some kind of pick.)
3rd(conditional on reaching the Finals)

Almost like the Pronger trade but you are getting a lot more value. Even then I still have trouble making that trade as a Flyers fan. And I love Shea Weber
I was only quoting what Ek was speculating Philly might offer(or had considered offering)

I was also assuming that you guys end up getting Parise, which of course is no sure thing

personally, I would take Cooter, Coburn and one first but thats because i think Cooter is going to be amazing..

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