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07-02-2012, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
I agree, I don't want to see him in goal either, but what options are there?

Nobody is touching him with that contract, unless they desperately need to get to the cap floor.

This year's crop of UFA goaltenders have been dismal at best, yet it seams nearly every team is trying to pick through the bones of what is out there.

I don't think the team can afford it cash wise but I'd like to see Mason in the Springfield. I'd also like to see a more "tandom-ish" partner to push Bob. But unless the team trades for Bernier, that isn't going to happen. And it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.

I'm not thrilled about this move, but at the same time, I don't know what other options Howson has.
I've typically been willing to give Howson the benefit of the doubt over the years. Last year, with the Dekanich signing, I think I said almost the exact same things you just did.

But this year? I'm done.

Goaltending has been a glaring need for at least months if not years (depending on who you ask around here). Howson himself has repeatedly acknowledged this.

It isn't about the options that aren't here NOW, it's about all the options and opportunities that seem to have passed between the declaration of needing help in net and this point today.

A few caveats -- I understand there is still time to go in the summer to address this and we don't really know what he has looked at in net. But it certainly looks/feels like he hasn't chased a whole lot of options there. Gustavson and ....

With four goaltenders under contract for the NHL/AHL it's starting to feel like this may be a finished product ... and that is scary.
I can understand the need to keep Mason when McEilhenny and York are your 3/4, but man do I really HATE the decision process that led to this point and question its wisdom.

Also, I don't buy the "can't get rid of Mason" argument.

This team has had ZERO problem buying out guys in the past.

Mason's deal only has one year left on it so it's hardly crippling to anyone. And, he is still young and has shown some talent.

You can't tell me there isn't at least one coach out there looking at him and thinking ... "Those guys screwed him up, but I can save him."

Bring someone else in. Then trade, waivers or buyout for Mason.

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