Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ducks sign Sheldon Souray. 3 years 3.67 mil
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07-02-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Fighter View Post
Tell me a single move he did that actually improved the team.
Yeah, that's not hard. If you really need an answer to that - which I really don't think you do - I think I'd offer that, but I'd put that in the "Fire Murray" thread, although I hate resurrecting that one myself, for little reason.

Originally Posted by Fighter View Post
Maybe money is not exactly an issue if we gave 3,6 millions to Souray for 3 damn years...
Well, we don't pay him up front. So it's still "just" $4M this year, and $3.5M the next two. I agree that that's too much for him, but saying money isn't an issue because we can afford that seems a little off. If there's other guys that we could get for that money and that would provide similar or more help, sure, I'll be with you, but I have a hard time seeing that.

Originally Posted by Fighter View Post
Vipers, some of your points MAY BE valid but I'm pretty fed up to watch my team getting dismantled piece by piece gettin in return a) Nothing b) Scrubs c) Over the hill veteran who can no longer contribute.
Well, that's what I don't get. How has yesterday done anyhting to sing the tune of a team being "dismantled"? We lost an enforcer that was loved, but didn't positively impact the game, at all, and a #6 defenseman that went on the open market. We signed a couple of defenseman that fit a need that basically everyone agreed upon before. Yes, the Souray one feels to about everyone as overpayment. But saying that he "can't contribute" (anything / in any way) to this team before he even laces them up for a practise seems just wrong and unfair. We're a better team than we were yesteray. If we want to put Visnovsky into that equasion, that makes it tougher, but there's a few things to consider, and I'll just point to what's been said in the trade board thread on this signing.

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