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Originally Posted by Devils Advocate View Post
Amazing he was willing to give the team until July 9th, but I thought July 16th was the date they had to collect petition signatures? I'm sure GWI will come up with something on the 6th or 9th which will make it impossible to finalize any kind of ownership deal.
COG says the 9th. I hear AZ law also says the same thing - 30 days from passing of ordinance, which would be the 8th. That's a Sunday, so it's the 9th.

They will make the argument that they didn't have the full 30 days because they didn't get referendum paperwork due to the emergency clause not being invalidated until the 19th. But from what I hear, they could have picked up the paperwork any time within the 30 days, but chose to wait. If they had attempted to pick it up and were told they couldn't, then they'd have a case. But no, neither Cobb nor Jones visited the office to pull paperwork on the issue until a couple of days AFTER the ruling.

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