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11-30-2003, 11:27 AM
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I just had to get this off my chest about Kuznetsov

See, there's this other site where people talk about the Kings ... and, well, they seem to think (or SOME people seem to think) that Maxim Kuznetsov is a piece of garbage. I have staunchly defended his acquisition since last season, and although I knew the jury was (and honestly, still is) out on the guy, I harken back to a time a few years ago, when Scotty Bowman was praising this kid up and down, and actually had him rated higher on the Detroit depth chart than Jiri Fischer (I know times have changed, but AT THE TIME...) So, I penned this little statement, and seeing as how the ratio of intelligent hockey fans to morons is a bit better over here, I thought I would throw it out there and have some "fodder for the cannon."



I am more than happy to stand by my belief in Kuznetsov. He will have a place and a role on this team. He may make the occasional mistake (what NHL defenseman doesn't?), but you know, every time I watch a Panther game I see Andreas Lilja out there, taking charge and getting minutes... doing the job he's supposed to do. Kings fans were quick to jettison his a55 out of town, and Panther fans are pretty pleased with what they got. If the majority of Red Wing fans can be ambivalent at best about losing Kuznetsov, then let them be a little surprised to see him do a fine job in a Kings uniform. I know one Red Wings fan that will NOT be surprised if he succeeds, and his name is Scotty Bowman. I'll take his praise over a hockey BBS poster's disdain any day of the week!

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