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07-02-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by AllIsFehrNLoveAndWar View Post
And then you have Valdes in net. All it takes is one half-chance....hell quarter-chance to score a goal on him. So bad.
Valdes bad??? I don't get that at all.. I've seen him make many great reaction saves, and I don't remember the last important match where I would've directly said, "that goal is on him" -- and actually for most "great goalies", I remember matches like that.

So, while I can't watch all Barca games, my impression of Valdes the last couple of years at least has been that he's quite good and up to Barca's standards. Besides, if he were truly subpar, I imagine Barca would ve bought somebody long ago to provide serious competition. You don't see subpar players stick in Barca's lineup for long.

Different topic: I wonder how Real players feel playing "the Barca way", for Spain, winning everything. I imagine it's a bit like some Russian hockey players that go back to play for national team, only in reverse. Meaning, Russian national team is supposed to have its own philosophy, but you can tell from some players comments that compared to NHL, a lot of it outdated, i.e. rotating 5-man units on special teams, not enough opponent-specific tactics, etc. So I wonder if Real's national team players stay late after training to practice tiki-taka in secret, lol.

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