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07-02-2012, 12:09 PM
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Most of these Ryan proposals seem to be about cutting off an arm to fix a leg.

Johansson is the only good young player that I'd consider including in a package for Ryan -- if the Caps for some reason felt very strongly that MJ will never make it as 2C. So MJ, Laich, 1st for Ryan... maybe. Kuznetsov is a classic case of being more valuable to the Caps than other teams; Orlov's position makes him nearly untradeable, IMO, now that 2C vacancy is filled.

In any case, even if they're thinking in this direction, Caps can probably get a better deal if they wait for contenders to fill their rosters and for demand to drop. They'd have an added advantage of seeing how their team shakes down in the beginning of the season. Maybe Galiev stakes a claim, and lessens need for top-6 skill, who knows. If trades are the Caps' route, I think it makes sense to expect them in-season, not during this summer. Since cap space is not an issue, they can sign a cheap reclamation project on a 1 year deal, then wait to see what else develops.

edit: forgot about Green. But I kind of have doubts that NHL teams really want him at his price tag. Though I guess with BB in Anaheim, who knows. Green, Laich, 1st for Ryan I'd do in a second. Or mix in Galiev, whatever.

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