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07-02-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Selanne138 View Post
I think he planned on Fowler making the team honestly, but said what he said to protect Fowler. Makes the kid look great if he makes the team, but protects him from looking bad if he doesnt.

I hope he didnt actually plan on a defense of Visnovsky, Lydman, Sutton, Mara, Mikkelson, Sbisa and Lilja.

Because that defense lands us a lottery pick.
It doesn't sound as bad if you expect top 4 caliber play from the likes of Sbisa, Sutton, and Mara. In actual practice, it's another matter. I'd agree with you, but Murray -has- spoken of his expectations regarding certain players. Ones that were not entirely realistic with what the players had shown. During that off-season, for example, he said he expected Sbisa to slot into the top 4 for the upcoming season.

You could be right about this, i just don't see that devious side to Murray.

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