Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ducks sign Sheldon Souray. 3 years 3.67 mil
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07-02-2012, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
So, we all were surprised that Vatanen chose (?) #45.

Why? Even if we are not giving younger players low numbers, this is not the case (there is basically no difference between 44 and 45, and some guy neamed Beleskey got 39 right away Sbisa got 5 also.

So.. why 45?

I just had this crazy thought in my mind that maybe Bob knew all the way we will sign Souray? Maybe Cogs and Saku was calling him long ago.

Sami is a fan and managment favorite (or so) prospect, and would definately get a chance to choose a number at some point. Maybe for now they just reserved #44 for Souray. Then Vis trade would make at least 5% more sense..

What do you think?
Don't think so. #44 may not be a low number, but it's defenitely a popular one. It's a number of someone established, usually a defenseman. Same with #55.

Why Sbisa was given #5 right away I have no idea, maybe because he already had a NHL season (or 47 games if you want) under his belt and because he was supposed to be a sure thing on the opening roster?

Beleskey's #39 is much more random than #44. It's lower, but still considered a higher hockey number if you know what I mean.

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