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07-02-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
He was pretty consistent late in the season after all star break. Some bad games here, and there, and a couple in the playoffs. It happens with everyone including a younger Marty. Hopefully Pete limits his starts like he did this last year, but not too much. Seemed to work out pretty good. He was kinda bad in the first half. Not every game, but a few games where I was left banging my head. I thought for sure he was done after last year at that time.

I remember being his biggest critic on here in November, and everyone saying ''It's not his fault! He had no chance on any of those goals!'' Then when he had a bad game in the second half some of the same people said ''God Marty you've been playing like **** all year!'' It gave me a good laugh or two.
It's great that we can look back & laugh bc for the first time ever, last night I had a sinking feeling that Marty playing somewhere else would be real.

And the fact that we would end up with Hedberg as our starter (Yikes) & Possibly trading for Loungos monster cap hit (Even more Yikes!) really made me sad and scared.

With Hedberg we would be a bubble playoff team at best. With Lou we make the dance but probably get bounced. Marty is by far the most solid option & I'm glad we get his services instead of Chicago or some other team making a run at the cup.

Could you imagine this season if Marty wins somewhere else like in Chi-Town? I would have such mixed feelings.

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