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04-15-2006, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by STS44
Hey - With the playoffs well underway we have seen some nice performances by
the overagers who have stepped up like they should be doing at this time of year. Adam Dennis in London and Jeff Kyrzakos is Owen Sound come to mind right away. Who have been the busts - the OA's that just didn't work out and the team made a mistake in keeping a spot open for them? Frank Rediker in London comes to mind right away. With his history of injuries it was just a matter of time before it would happen again and sure enough it did. How many times was he out this year and still is? Wouldn't that OA spot been better used on another veteran d'man - not neccesarily someone who played for London last season - but someone who was dependable and steady for whatever team he played for and perhaps played a touger physical game. That is what they could be using right about now. Josh Disher in Erie is another that didn't quite work out ....
It is hard to deny that Rediker has been an OA bust. In fact, I was sure when they were getting to the trade deadline they were going to move him for whatever.

On the other hand, the hit he took behind the play that hyper-extended his elbow was pretty bad. This wasn't one of those "turn a bad knee" kind of things. He came down headfirst.

But you can't deny that his OA year has been a bust . . . .so far

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