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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
He has played 166 games so he is the cut off is 160.

Which is why he stays and either Nolan or King goes back to Manchester. You don't risk loosing him for nothing.

If he made it down he would not have to clear re-entry but could be claimed while going down is my understanding.
It's 180 NHL games, I thought

Also that article does not pertain to players on ELC.

Which Clifford is still on for one more year. At least that is how I see the CBA explaining it.

It would make zero sense to make ELC players available to waivers at any point. They are on an ELC for a reason, So the club that drafted them can develop and keep them, hence RFA status as well.

If that is actually true, I wonder why more players on ELC have not been taken off waivers. Cause that would be a cheap way to restock your minors and roster. Also you wouldn't have to develop them at all. Some other team has already done it.

I am sure Clifford is not the first ELC player to go past 180 NHL games and get sent down. I figure teams would snatch up any player that met that criteria.

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