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Originally Posted by Mota View Post
I really think Homer is the reason a decision hasnt been made yet for Parise and maybe even Suter.

Think about it. If the reports are true that the Flyers have offered both of them as much as a 100 million, that could be the curve ball out of this that they were not expecting.

All of a sudden, both have the option of going to the same team and getting possibly 20-30 million more than they were expecting. It has to be tempting.

I feel like if Parise was as set on going to Pitt as everyone seemed to believe, he would have signed there yesterday. Something is complicating his decision, and I think its us.

Funny though, no one seems to think the Flyers have any chance of signing either...
I think so as well, I don't think either really were thinking about Philly at all, but when they got offered what they did it really made them think. And I think they are blowing other teams offers out of the water too. While it does scare me on one hand the possibility of landing both and going balls out to win right now is wonderful. To be honest I don't care about the cap stuff, if it gets us a cup I'm down for anything. We have money to spend and if theres anything homer knows how to do it's letting 2nd round picks and cap space burn a hole in his pocket.

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