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07-02-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
I don't blame them for taking their time, it's their right, and it's not their fault that hoards of rumor mongers, reporters, fans, etc. stake out on the web, or wherever, but don't in the same breath act like the process just started yesterday. These guys knew they would get monster offers close to if not over $100M. Yeah, they're human beings and need to think about it, I'm sure it hasn't crossed their minds over the last year.
This is simplifying things quite a bit. I dont think you're being fair to Parise.

Put it this way-- I am going to be applying to a few colleges next year. I am going to strongly consider which schools I would like to attend now obviously, and I'll probably even narrow them down to "first choice", "second choice", etc. by the time I apply. But you can be sure that if I were accepted to all my top choices, I wouldn't make that decision in a day.

And why should I? It's a decision that impacts the rest of my life.

That's essentially the same thing here. He could have thought this thing through for the last 12 months, waiting for July 1st, 2012, but once he gets those offers, he needs to reconsider everything to ensure that he's making the right decision. It's not as simple as you're making it sound.

That said, I dont see him re-signing in NJ or going to MIN. I feel that if he were to take either of those options, it actually would have been a simple decision. I think he expected to sign with PIT, but CHI stepped up their game today. He'll probably think that decision over with his family, and also consider the fact that PHI could probably give him the best financial security. Lots of things to consider.

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