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Originally Posted by JPurp26 View Post
Big trade Star fans, was curious for scouting on Ott. Us Sabre fans are pumped to get Ott but don't know much about Pardy, seems you guys are happy he was throw in.

Just trying to get some extra info for our new guys.

For you

Derek Roy,

Good 1b/2a offensive center, more of a shooter then passer, similar to Jeff Carter style. Would do better with more of a playmaker on his wing. He is pretty fast and shifty. He is generally always healthy minus that one big injury which many say is why his numbers were down last year. He left in most of the Sabres fans doghouse as he was often found partying downtown and regarded as selfish and childish. He also took a shot at the end of the season calling out the coach. When he got injured, it was reported a teammate said that now that he is out we will go on a roll and Buffalo actually did and won a lot. (correlation, causation obviously 2 different things). He pretty much needed a change of scenery and I think he will be successful in Dallas. Hope he works out well for you.

here is a Roy video

So what are we getting?
Pardy is basically worthless. He has some offense someplace, but he seems to need time to build confidence rather than being a good 7th D who can fill in here and there without much notice. He lost the battle for 6th spot to Fistric who does nothing but hit.

Ott is an agitator, but I think that part is overrated. He is a 2/3 tweener wing who can take and win the important draws. Best faceoff guy here for years. He hasn't really played C well, doing better work as a wing. On your second line he can put up 40 points, and on your 3rd he can still score but his strength is defense. I wanted the team to build a checking 3rd line around him, but it never worked out. He doesn't fight much anymore, but he does take too many penalties, although he cut down from 10-11 which was very bad. He can kill penalties, but hopefully you don't need him on the pp. Overall an elite 3rd liner who can fill in on the 2nd line if needed

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