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I'll try to keep this as objective as possible, but it will be difficult.


He's one of the best faceoff takers in the league. Put him out there for every important draw.

He's a 3rd line LW first and foremost. You can play him at all 3 forward positions but expect a large drop off. You can play him in the top-6 but expect a large drop off.

He'll shock you at times with some of the most creative assists you'll see from anyone on your team and you'll think he might just be a playmaker after all, but it's just a mirage.

No one has loved the concept of passing the puck backwards more since the heyday of the Soviet national team. If Ott can give the puck to a defenseman, he will. It's infuriating.

He does fight. He'll back up his hits, but on his own terms. He fights guys that are roughly his size and who have hockey playing ability.

About those hits -- a lot will be borderline. The NHL is watching him constantly. Ott is always pushing the limit between charging and hitting.

Then again other times he'll float around for shifts on end seemingly disinterested. Something has to spark him.

Average defensively. Tends to lose his assignments, especially if they come off the boards quickly and head toward the net.

Can play on the PP in front of the net. Used to have the worst stone hands you've ever seen when it came to finishing tap-ins but has improved in that regard.

No one gets more breakaways than Steve Ott except maybe Grabner. Ott is always cherrypicking way high in the neutral zone. Unfortunately for him he goes on massive stretches where he can't finish those breakaways to save his life.

That's all I can think of for now.

Oh, right, Pardy.

He's bad. The end.

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