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07-02-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by derriko View Post
Without toughness you become the Buffalo Sabres and get your star player destroyed by Lucic.

That never would have happened to us with Carkner on the ice. Neil would stand up for us, but Lucic is too big for Neil. Carks is the only one to "deter" him in the first place. Don't forget we play in a division with the Bruins.

We were one of the only teams to match them or stand up to them last year, and now were not
I agree with you. And now that the Sabres have picked up Ott to go along with Kaleta I'm thinking we're gonna be in tough when playing them 6 times a year. Plus, Florida picked up Parros. And of course the Isles now have Carkner.

I just hope we don't get creamed this year. I wasn't a big fan of letting Carkner go. Zenon I didn't care about but Matt was big and didn't take any crap. I realize he didn't play that much last season, but when he was in the lineup the other team minded their p's and q's.

Thank God we still have Neil but he's not a heavyweight like Carkner. Maybe a middleweight or a light heavyweight. And I know we have some kids that "might" be able to pick up some of the slack but I will miss having Carkner's big presence on the ice when needed.

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