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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
You are right about this being his only trade chip and he needs to rebuild the team.

I also believe that he is being offered roughly the same assets he would have received at the deadline (with the exception of maybe Kreider). Last March when the Rangers were in first Sather was not really in a position to mess up the chemistry of a first place team and trade assets. His legacy would have been that he ruined the Rangers SC run. He had to let the season play out to illustrate the weakness in the rangers game.

Therefore, other than some insults on this message board I'm not sure Howsen is any worse for wear. He probably did the best he could in an impossible situation.
He was never offered Kreider...Brooks said that the last offer Sather made was Dubi, Erixon, Miller, Thomas and the 2012 #1. And, I'd be willing to bet that Sather doesn't come close to making that offer right now. The Rangers brass - most notably Clark and Gorton - were highly critical of Howson and his demands. I don't care what Howson thinks he should get; the historical market for a player of Nash's value would be Dubinsky or Anisimov/Erixon and a #1 pick or another prospect. Better players with less strings attached, such as Jagr, Blake, Thornton, Hossa, Pronger and Kovalchuk, have all been dealt for just about the equivalent of the return I described. The only leverage Howson has is that he can refuse to deal Nash. OTOH, Nash can determine where he wants to get traded, and so far, he and his agent have stuck to that program.

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