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07-02-2012, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
Does anybody know (i.e. has he been interviewed?) how Theodore feels about all this? If Tallon is saying that Gillis is in the drivers seat about Luongo, I assume Theodore must be at least a little bit feeling that his days may be numbered in Florida? In addition to how Luongo and Schneider feel about potentially being in Vancouver limbo together, it'll also be interesting to see how long Theodore's willing to be in limbo, until (and if) Gillis decides Theodore's future (Gillis being in the driver's seat, and all)... Just another storyline, I thought I'd add :-)

Would be something if Theodore asks for a trade this offseason, rather than wait for Gillis to decide what Theodore's future will be... given that Tallon is just the passenger - and unable to steer any assurances Theodore's way... Tallon might see Theodore's fork in the road, but not being in the driver's seat, what's Tallon supposed to do? I guess tell Theodore to simply close his eyes, and enjoy the ride?
I think you're getting a bit ahead of yourself, there's been basically no coverage about this is in the media down here. As far as Theodore's concerned, he probably doesn't feel any different than last season. Tallon keeps saying our three goalies did a great job last season and he's perfectly comfortable going with them again. Theodore also has a NTC and the belief is he wants to retire as a Panther, whenever that may be.

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