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07-02-2012, 07:24 PM
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I got Kocur number 1 all time as far as Rangers enforcers go. A few good reasons for it too. Kocurs term here was somewhat of along one. He came from Detroit with a huge rep as the best KO fighter in the game. He didn't disappoint. His fight card had basically every top fighter of his are on it. Mosr importantly head the wins over them too. Marty McSorley, Bob Probert, Stu Grimson, Kenny Baumgartner, Rob Ray, Alan May , Berube etc. He caught them all and again win/loss record stand out the most.

Kocur for a heavy handed guy also had three other aspects to go with it. He was technical, knew how to get guys to open up. When they did thy often went down. He also had stamina. He didnt gas easy. When you add to that, the fact that he had a hard time finding dance partners you You have a guy that was truly feared. Plus...Kocur always did his job in an era that had some very tough fighters on each team.

Fotiu is a close second. He changed the complexity of games often. He was also technical and had gas too. One thing about Nick is he also always stood up for his boys. But...Kocur over Nick for two reasons. 1) As good as he was he rarely put anyone away. So it could be said he lacked power. Also in all his years in NY, in the greatest rivalry ever withe the Isles why did he never go with Gillies or Nystrom? Those two would run all over Duguay, Maloney brs etc. Nicky should have stepped up there IMO like Kocur did with Bomber, and Vukota, and Berube, and the Grim Reaper etc.

I got Langdon at 3rd overall. That guy was the most technically sound fighter maybe ever, and the he had the gas to boot.

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