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Originally Posted by Cash for Nash View Post
Capn: I don't always agree with you but I want your opinion:

Cap hit aside (say for a team that has no cap concerns): Age can be considered here

Is Nash more attractive aquisition than Bobby Ryan? If the answer is yes, how much more?
If you don't factor in cap hit, yes, right now Nash is the more attractive player. He's the more complete and polished player. If you are trying to win the Cup this year, you take Nash over Ryan and the reason is Nash's penalty killing ability.

Ryan arguably has more upside as Nash is a known commodity. But, for a team like the NYR, they'd take Nash if cap hit wasn't relevant.

Cause it seems we would want a lot more if we were offered Johannsen and Moore for Nash?

I still consider these players more prospect than proven young player....
Depends on what Murray's thought is, and I'm not sure what his thought is and his recent moves really have me scratching my head. Why acquire an aging Souray, for example, after trading Visnovsky if the point is to get younger. Is Murray trying to win this year or build for the future? His moves really provide no clue. There's something else you have to keep in mind and here the cap and budget are relevant--Murray has both Getzlaf and Perry's contracts expiring next summer. If he wants to keep him, it may cost him a total cap hit around $15 million, which is about $5 million above what he's paying right now. So, a young player with a reasonable cap hit on an entry level deal becomes a valuable commodity.

So, again, it really depends on Murray's angle.

Is Howson unreasonable in his demands? Not talking Larry Brooks lies here....

If he's asking for Logan Couture as a must in a deal with San Jose, that's the sort of thing that I think is unreasonable. If he's insisting on Stepan or Kreider from the Rangers, that seems less unreasonable because, again, everything else they offer seems to be low tier prospects. So, there are some indications he's been unreasonable in at least one case, but in many other cases we simply don't have a lot of details on what has been offered or demanded.

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