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11-30-2003, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by zurg999
Or maybe a more astute hockey mind would see that he's not really playing like garbage.

Or maybe (more realisticallly) there is no slump at all, just the grim reality that the more rabid and illogical of Montreal fans and media, after being told to lay off 43, must have someone else to sink their gums into.

Rivet anchored the WC team last spring. Can anyone believe that he, just entering his prime, has deteriorated to the point where it may be time to run him out of town or have a fire sale, like Molson's forced management to do to so many other good players over the last 15 years?

Rivet will be a cornerstone for this club in 3 years, when our prospects mature. Let him go now without fair return and we will regret this for 10 years.
Finally, the voice of reason. Rivet is not the bum people are proclaiming him to be. He has played pretty good hockey lately, but is being booed for no other reason than some Hab fans need a scapegoat. The gutless ******** Gainey spoke of have not retreated, but merely changed their focus. Craig Rivet played a decent game last night, but is remembered today (by some) only for a questionable penalty at a crucial time. The Panther's player took a dive; the RDS commentators agreed. Hab fans were always noted for being among the most knowledgeable in the game, but sometimes I wonder.

I remember in the early '70's we had a d-man named Terry Harper. A good solid defenseman who became the boo-birds favorite target. One night in Montreal he picked the puck up around the faceoff circle in his own end. He was booed mercilessly as soon as he touched the puck. As he skated out across his blueline, the boos continued. As he reached center ice, some of the boos died actually died down. As he reached the opposing blueline, some of the boos actually turned to cheers. When he got deep in opposition territory, many people were cheering. When he fired a shot and scored, the entire crowd was on its feet cheering wildly.

Hab fans. Knowledgeable? Maybe. Fickle? Definately!

Rivet is no bum. You guys are nuts.

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