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07-02-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Stepan on an ELC is more valuable to the Rangers than Nash at 7.8
More bang for Sathers buck. A lot more.

Originally Posted by turcotte8 View Post
Nash makes 7.8, Dubi 4.2, Hags .875.

MDZ is a RFA who will probably get 2.5-3 on his next contract. Let's say it's 3.

That's 8.075 going out, 7.8 coming in.

Find a puck moving D that can put up 40 points and a 3rd liner like Hagelin and sign them both for the 275 thousand we're "saving" in the deal.

Realistically you're looking at 4-5 for a D and 1-2 for a 3rd liner.

That's 5-7 million on top of Nash's contract to replace what we trade for him.
Well done.

Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
3rd liner fine although Hagelin did more than that. Replacing Del Zotto is not that easy. Its hard to find a top 4 puck moving Dman
Damn near impossible, especially when you factor in some of MDZ's other traits, like his youth, and his physicality.

Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
I never said I would give up those 3 assets, I'm just saying thats the only way something like a dubi centered deal would be taken.
You would give up half the roster without thinking twice for Nash. Shiny new toy. High rating in NHL-13. Don't lie.

Originally Posted by Tim Erixon's Lunchbox View Post
That's 3 roster players for 1. Awful idea. Hagelin wasn't just some 3rd liner, he also was our best forechecker, and Del Zotto isn't some 40 pt dman, he's a 21 year old who was the best offensive dman on the 1st place team in the East.
Did you read anything he said? He's not advocating we should trade for Nash. Quite the opposite, actually.

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