Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-02-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
I know what you and others think it brings to the team. I just disagree on it having the effect you think it does.

Sports psychology is how you view the game and that's nice. But we're not talking real scientific sports psychology here. We're talking about folklore and pop psychology here. No systemic observation or hypothesis tested. This isn't empiricism, this is folk religion dressed up in fancy talk.

Now you believe that adding bottom line toughness will necessarily make the team better. That having these guys will prevent other teams from taking liberties which leads to confidence and so one. But here's were it falls down if it does work (which again something assumed and not proven):

I don't believe deterrence works in the slightest in the modern NHL. Every team gets cheap shotted and the tough ones can't anything about it. Cooke took out Savard with Lucic and Chara on the ice and just after Thorton had a shift. And Montreal's injury problems, last year almost none of them are due being victims of dirty plays.
I have said this at least a hundred times on this Forum.

Having a tough team will not prevent cheap shots.

I am sure that I will have to repeat that again as it has become the false projection of choice when it comes to fighting in hockey.

No, the reason to have someone who can fight on a hockey team is retribution, team building and cohesiveness, self-respect and pride. All of that leads to players coming together as a team instead of having a group of individuals who are on the ice at the same time.

I know you dont get it. But that's OK. As long as our management gets it, that is all that matters.

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