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07-02-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tony O View Post
I agree with this but I would go as far to say that Murray is making the same mistake again with signing Allen (and to some extent Souray as well). The problem is not that he signed these guys, but at Murray keeps signing guys that are 5/6 pairing guys and somehow he thinks magically theyíre going to be top 4 guys.

My fear is that are we looking at a third straight season where Murray has to scramble and go to the waiver wire to shore up the holes he left open in the offseason. To put it another way, will Murray need to scramble again to fill holes that he thought he filled, but didnít because the players he signed never really had to ability to fill that roll. Murray was able to get a mix of younger players and vets on the blue-line, but it just doesnít feel like a good mix to me. Yes we will be to tougher to play against, but the looking at the D corps (as it stands now) the Ducks look like a bubble team at best, and if there are any injuries all bets are off. Sorry not trying to be a downer, but I just donít like what I see on the blue-line for the Ducks.
Meh. Don't sweat the "downer" thing. You're a concerned fan, and you're willing to elaborate on where you're coming from. You'll see much worse from some.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see Murray do what he did so early. For once, I'm actually kind of happy about it. I'm not looking at these two signings as anything special, and the term on Souray's contract is just too long for my taste, but I actually think Murray has gotten off to a better start than he has in the past. I've always been very critical of Murray's off-season moves, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I also just felt like Murray would talk about the things he needed to address, and he never really does it. It's been a couple of seasons now where I feel like the same issues are issues.

My expectations for Allen and Souray aren't that high, but I absolutely feel that he's addressed a need. On top of that, the rumors surrounding Ryan, and the type of player Murray is asking for(specifically, a young upper tier #2 center) gives me more hope that there is better recognition from Murray about the areas Anaheim needs the most help. He could quickly dash those hopes, but I think it's a start. There is just still a ways to go.

The Ducks are going to need a big season from Fowler and Beauchemin(who, I think we're all hoping doesn't have the same problems Lydman did after having shoulder surgery) I think, and Sbisa is going to need to refine his game further and solidify himself as a top 4 guy. Finally, there's Lydman who is going to need to rebound after a tough season. If the Ducks can get these things from those players, and Souray and Allen don't turn out to be duds, the blue line might not be half bad. You may be dead on regarding the mix though, and we're going to need to wait and see how they complement one another. On the positive side of things, we shouldn't need to worry about that with Fowler and Beauchemin.

I have to admit, however, that some of these things fall into the category of wishful thinking, and I'm getting a little tired of having to think about puppy dogs and rainbows before I can look at this team and feel hopeful about their chances. It makes me wonder if that kind of thing bleeds into the locker room, and the players themselves just aren't as confident. It's sure been a while since we've seen some real swagger from this team. I miss it.

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