Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-02-2012, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by jefferiah View Post
I am not a fan of fighting overall, but I do think sometimes it does help morale to have someone to stand up for you when you are getting bullied and the refs allow it to happen. Sometimes you can't walk away. I was never so mad at the Chara thing as I was about the game before that when we got a beat down from the Bruins and its pretty tough to not engage when you are being attacked like that. It's not like it was Pyatt's fault Campbell was ramming his elbow pad into his face. And the refs are pretty inconsistent sometimes, and rougher teams sometimes get away with this stuff. Sometimes it doesnt work out that way either.

But if I have to go to a job where there is a possibility of me being beat up without management interfering, I would feel a bit better knowing there is someone there to back me up.

Is it a myth? Well, the players say it makes them feel a bit better too. A happy worker is a good one. So if a myth keeps them happy.....
We are not going to be one of the more rugged teams in the league. We can't win fights against a team loaded with good fighters. But having guys who can handle themselves a bit better and who will stand up for others is a good thing.
There is a degree that may be true and insuring against it isn't bad.

But not in a way I'd hand out that kind of money to Prust. Not when the team had key positional needs. Its different getting this thing as part of a package in a cheap White or one of the many servicible bottom six players that fall through the cracks every year. Its another to go out looking for it and severely overpay to beat out a bidding war to get it.

This weekend Prust+Boullion essentially was the price for a 2nd line winger or a number 4 defenseman. That's the opportunity cost here.

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