Thread: Confirmed with Link: Erik Johnson signs 4 years $3.75M AAV
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07-03-2012, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by RTN View Post
I think it's easier to pick up pucks, make break out passes, and cross-ice passes when your a D-man on your "proper" side, but I always found it easier to hit when I was playing on my off-side. Much easier to put your weight into a guy coming down the wall or when your catching a forward cutting across the ice from the opposite side. Plus, you always have that one timer when your on your off-side.

I think since NHL d-men often put up a lot of points growing up and in junior (even if they eventually become shutdown/stay-at-home d-men in the NHL), they usually play their "proper" side because it can be easier when you're playing offensively. Though, I'm also from BC so who knows!
I think this is true and I've made that same argument in other threads about this issue. Defensive D switch way more then offensive guys.

However this is my fault for derailin this thread. I tend to beat a dead horse when I feel strongly about something the other person feels strongly the opposite.

So back to EJ. I hear a guy named Erik Johnson is gonna sign some kind of contract for at least a penny, for anywhere between a nano second and infinity, sometime in course of human existence.

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