Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-03-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
but that's just a question of framing...

would you really be happier with our roster if we had added Hudler @ 4M$?

how about Jokinen @ 4.5M$?

and beyond that, reality is that if our management team thought that adding Hudler at 4M$ was a good fit, we'd have been in that running... even with the taxes, I'd be surprised if Hudler turned down montreal for Calgary with the same offer on the table.

I don't think the 4M$ we spent on bouillion/prust has had any impact whatsoever on the top 4/top 6 players our management team has identified as worth targeting, nor would/will those two signings impact us being able to upgrade those positions via trade in-season or signing next season.

so looking at them as an opportunity cost for other roles is, imo, a faulty premise.
Well, it's not the premise, really. The premise is that I don't think Bouillon is a good hockey player, and I think Prust perhaps gets too much money and has been offered too long of a term. Neither one, in and of itself, is necessarily a horrible thing to have to deal with. Together though (and 'framed', if you like), of course there's a consideration of 'opportunity cost'. Anyone who is still expecting bigger/more significant changes to come has to realize that there is now $4 million less available to get that done. I'm sure it wouldn't take someone more inclined than myself to draw up a decent list of better uses for that $4 million.

I like the addition of Prust, don't get me wrong. But an over 300% raise, for a longer term than he has stuck around anywhere up to his current age of 28, and to fill a role that necessarily has a high risk of injury? We'll see how big his contribution is to change/improvement over the next 4 years, I guess.

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