Thread: Proposal: Give Gomez one last chance?
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07-03-2012, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by AnAverageHF View Post
With the cap raise being what it is, his contract is no longer quite so crippling so his paycheck vs. his numbers aside the bigger issue I have with keeping him on the team is this:

Where do you play him?

The third line role some are suggesting, centering Bourque and Prust, pretty much guarantees another bad season for Gomez.

We know Gomex isn't a shooter, he isn't going to score many (if any) goals by himself. The rest of the league knows this as well as we saw over the last two years, if he plays with only one decent scoring winger (usually Gio.) they just clog the passing lanes and neutralize the threat.

So the only way to create an environment for Gomez to possibly produce is to play him with two high percentage shooters. So what do you do? experiment with the lines? breakup our only conistant scoring line from last year?

A possibility is MaxPac-Gomez-Gionta, if memory serves, they looked pretty good together before the Chara incident. But that leaves siginificant holes areound the team in terms of providing good wingers for DD or Pleks. Even if we did, I'd rather see them played with in a way to help develop Eller than try to rehabilitate Gomez. Its simply a smarter long term strategy.

If it was up to me, he'd be gone, not that I don't like his personality and he seems to be well liked by the team, good locker room etc...

But I think he's played his way out of here, there just isn't room for him on this team anymore.
exactly! Do we decide to give him a roster spot taking one away from Eller, because 3rd line is at best what Gomez can do now. Or do we have a 7.3M $ 13th player?

I guarantee this, if another UFA is signed or a trade for a player with a larger cap hit is made, Gomez will have to pack his bags. Likeliest destination Hamilton, but there may be some budget teams that would make a trade for him to fill some cap space to get to the floor (ya, I know, I am a little heat stroked ).

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