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11-30-2003, 02:51 PM
Harry Paratestes
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Has Iginla Lost It????

Ive watched quite a few of the Flames games on the dish this year and i like your team .However i cant help but wonder how good you would be if Iginla and Conroy were moved for some proven offence .
I love Iginla but to me he looks like hes lost it ..i mean i dont think he would even make Canadas roster if the Olympics were this year .And with his high salary , the Flames would have to option him at what 8.2 next yer ??//Can they afford that for basically a 20 goal scorer .
Aside from running over Cloutier last nite he did nothing to show me hes ready to break out ..what do you Flame fans think. I actually think you have a better chance at the playoffs than the under achieving Oilers do (my team ) sorry .