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07-03-2012, 09:17 AM
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The D-situation

With the addition of Pardy, there seems to be quite a jam at D. As of now, there's Myers, Ehrhoff, Regehr, Sekera, Leopold, Weber, Sulzer and Pardy. Add McNabb and Brennan knocking on the door to the big club. Did I forget anyone?

While depth is nice to have, I'm not sure this is an ideal situation. If I understand the rules correctly, Brennan could be lost through waivers if he's sent to Rochester, and while I want and hope for McNabb to be part of the team, I'm not quite sure how that is done without someone leaving. Something else has to give.

One would also have to wonder why Pardy was part of the Roy/Ott deal. Why would we add yet another defenseman? Did Dallas just dump salary on us, similar to "you get Regehr if you take Kotalik off our hands"? I'm excited about Ott, but if there's no plan for Pardy, that's overpayment. And I don't believe that's the case.

Given the situation, I strongly believe there's a trade involving D coming up. I doubt Pardy is that hot on the market that we would take him to pass him forward in another deal. So who's on the table?

Myers would be considered untouchable, and I strongly doubt Regehr or Ehrhoff would be traded given what it took to get them here. That would be bad for business. Sulzer just re-signed and is not hot stuff. Bringing Ott in and trading his bff Weber would be... meh. Besides, Weber can't be to hot anyway. I would think there's interest in Sekera on the market. I would hate to see him leave, but he could give good return.

To me Leo makes most sense. One year left on his contract, an offensive force that I'm imagine several teams would be interested in. We've got Ehrhoff and Myers.

Also, I would look for anything in return for Brennan if sending him to Rochester means he is lost for nothing. So, could Leo and Brennan give us something we need in return?

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