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07-03-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
It would have been an overpayment FROM THE RANGERS. They have an entire team of grinders/hard workers. They need skill and offense.

Montreal has very few, if any, players like Prust. I would say his market value is about 2-2.2 million/season. He got 2.5 as a UFA in a terrible market. Colby Armstrong got 3 million from Toronto a couple of years ago.

Adam Burish got 1.8 million/season. Prust >>>>>> Burish.
I don't think Burish's contract is relevant. That's an awful contract--worse than Prust's, you're right. It doesn't make Prust's good, however. Tootoo's contract is also worse than Prust's.

Armstrong got $3m because out of his five years in the NHL, every single one of them he produced more offense than Prust had in Prust's only decent offensive season. The two contracts aren't comparable because Armstrong was actually a legitimate higher-end third liner at that point, whereas Prust is a solid 4th liner.

The only thing Prust provides that other Montreal grinders/hard workers don't is a constant willingness to drop the gloves. Montreal had that in Kostopoulos: tireless worker who was always courageous in fighting (though, he's a miserable fighter where Prust is average). Prust will add some courage to the fourth line. Wonderful. I like him, and that's fun and all for entertainment purposes, but it doesn't change the fact that Prust is a 4th liner and 4th liners shouldn't be making $2.5m.

The salary really isn't the huge concern here, though. As I've mentioned, I like all of Bouillon, Armstrong and Prust in terms of their play. They're serviceable-ish players. The problem here, with all three of the signings (less so with Bouillon), is that Montreal's top-6 isn't very good. So the club needed to stock up depth that could contribute offensively and play strong fundamental hockey. In other words: be able to play 'safe' hockey against opposition scoring lines and maybe chip in offense here and there.

Essentially, provide the kind of depth that Dominic Moore was serviceable with: safe defensively, good fundamentals, and a bit of offense.

This would:

a) provide relief for the overworked Plekanec, both on the PK and in hard minutes and defensive zone faceoffs;
b) help provide further shelter to Desharnais, and future youngsters coming up;
c) give the coach more options, should Therrien be inclined to acknowledge the options and utilise them properly (...);
d) compensate for the lack of high-end talent by spreading around the workload and having superior depth than the opposition

As it stands, Montreal is loading up the bottom-6 with grit to compensate for the lack of grit in the top-6, but not loading up on talent to compensate the lack of talent in the top-6.

So Montreal may match many teams' grit now, but they won't match up talent wise.

Prust, Moen, White and Armstrong are the bottom-6 wingers and none of them are a safe bet to score 10 goals. That's rough, IMO, for a team like Montreal.

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