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07-03-2012, 12:34 PM
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Linked the new CBA negotiations to a potential Nash--Rangers deal in the offseason--UFA signing thread. Not sure that is too well received but ...

To me it would be foolish for our team to go ahead and make a huge deal like that for a bunch of younger and cheaper assets--not knowing how these negotiations will turn out. FWIW I'm against trading very much for Nash anyway.

The smaller market teams pushed the agenda the last time around and they pretty much won. The Rangers and Leafs were the two teams IMO that tried hard to save that lost season and it's funny because in the sense both teams were going nowhere at the time.

IMO we can somewhat separate labor negotiations at this level of player/employee compensation from normal labor negotiations in the normal world. That being said on the owner side it's pretty much the same--large corporation/multi-national/super wealthy entities vs. a collective employee body.

These things revolve around money first and foremost and make no mistake the Owner's have the leverage and I expect them to use that leverage for all it's worth because that's what they do. The NHLPA didn't hire Don Fehr for ***** and grins. Both sides have been preparing this for several years--working out and refining strategies because there is a lot of money at stake. The NHLPA hiring Fehr is a signal that they don't want to be run over like they were last time.

I expect ownership is going to go about lowering the cap again. There are other ways of creating revenue but since a new contract has to be agreed upon anyway the opportunity is right there front and center and I expect they'll take full advantage. Thinking about the Sabres for one--a small market team with a new super wealthy owner willing to spend $--the Sabres helped drive the cap idea last time around always being thrifty--now they're not thrifty but they've tied their hands up with a number of long term suspect UFA signings last year and lowering the cap along with a subsequent amnesty buyout clause might be a way for them to cut out a lot of dead wood and regroup. No doubt after the new CBA the cap will once again rise incrementally from season to season until the next time. I use the Sabres as an example because with 30 different ownerships you're going to get 30 different motivations--generally locked around the same concept of greed but even so-if you like capitalism that's something you have to accept.

From the players standpoint I really think they are in a no win situation. They've hired a hard negotiator but they don't have leverage. And in today's world--less rosy economically than back in 2004 things don't look very good. There's a strong anti-union sentiment throughout the country even from some who claim they're 'left'. These guys with multi-million $ contracts will be easily portrayable in the media as spoiled brats. The Owner's get a free ride on that. Most people don't even know who they are but even when they do they're often considered pillars of their respective communities.

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