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07-03-2012, 11:43 AM
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Broussard now saying Nets back in serious discussion for Howard, deal with a sign-and-trade of Lopez and Humphries plus three first rounders for him. Great haul for Orlando on the surface but only if they like those two guys, plus the picks would probably be low. Nets trying to be serious players, could all flop though because of Howard's back, Deron's moodiness (also not under contract at the moment), age on their other guys and general lack of depth with no picks to restock it. I think in order to get the deal done they would need a third team and what does New Jersey have to offer that team? Numbers also seem wonky for S+T on both guys I think Orlando would need to put another contract in or, again, get it from a third team somehow.

Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
I don't follow the NBA that closely, but isn't that an insane offer?

Wouldn't that leave the Sixers in basically the same position Orlando is now? Howard, and not a lot else?
It has them trading the last five guys they have taken in the first round for him. If you look at the proposed NJ deal, it's pretty similar with three firsts, Lopez (a lotto pick) and Humphries was also a former first rounder. Still, the Sixers guys are all already roster players. They have depth but not that much, I dunno, seems like a stretch/conjecture anyway.

Originally Posted by mm6492 View Post
Howard and Igudola would be here. Would need to bring in a PF, SG, and PG.

Amnesty Brand.

Sign Ryan Anderson, Kirk Hinrich, Ray Allen, and Lou Williams

Williams / Allen

Yea, or team would be gutted. Thats a hell of a deal for Orlando. If i was them, I easily take it.

They will have to overpay Williams when they could be getting short-term bargains with good upside out of Jrue/Turner. Allen will re-sign with Boston or go to Miami. Lots of teams will be after Anderson. Heinrich seems kind of unappealing.

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