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07-03-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Next year everyone's going to be a year older and, regardless of injuries (which increase in likelihood with age), probably continuing their respective declines. If you think this season is bad, just wait until next season if they bring back a similar roster. Such a scenario will only serve to slash trade values further and render the future even more bleak. The Phillies have to strike preemptively rather than reactively and nip this thing in the bud before it devolves into a full-blown catastrophe that cannot be remedied.
I disagree about next year, and I'll go through the lineup and my thoughts.

1B - Howard - Freak injury, dude has been very durable throughout his tenure. Don't expect a repeat injury.
2B - Utley - FINALLY seems to have his injury in check. They've been treating it wrong all along, everything I've found says he could easily repeat pre 2008 production now that he has his core strength back.
C - Chooch - Statistically had his best year, but one person I am worried about declining.
SS - Rollins - Started out ice cold and has really picked it up of late. Still an above average fielder.
3B - Polanco - He'll be gone next year, they may have be able to teach Galvis that spot since he's a defensive freak. Polly's still great in the field, but his hitting has been on a decline since his injury last year.
LF - I see them platooning Nix and Pierre next year, or trying to find a replacement.
CF - Victorino - Probably gone, his hitting has declined dramatically but his fielding is still good.
RF - Pence - He's fine when he's in the 5 hole, had too much pressure this year. Fielding is alright, not Werth-esque but not Brown-esque, either.

Regarding pitching, still have a dominant staff if we resign Hamels. We have an elite closer. When Stutes comes back the bullpen will be in better shape, but we do need to upgrade the pen, for sure. Worley is an excellent 4th starter...hate seeing Kendrick in the 5 hole. Is Blanton signed through next year? He's ok as a 5th.

All in all the only real ?? for me is the outfield aside from Pence. Being super realistic here, this was a freak year. We had a freakin' Hall of Fame ballot on the DL for a big chunk of the year.

I give this core a mulligan, because this year was an anomaly, not the norm. You don't just drop from best to worst due to people advancing a year, you drop from having 1/3 of your lineup dead for half the year. Take out the 3 and 4 on any team, and throw the ace in too, and they will suck.

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