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11-30-2003, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
I thought Quintal had been playing well, until the heart thing. Since then he's been our worst by far. He seems tooo laid back now, and too slow. He's not playing physical and his lack of speed is really showing. But for the season as a whole so far, my vote goes to Rivet, who I think has been dowright brutal at times. But Quintal if he keeps playing the way he has, could take over that role.
Well I don't think Rivet's play is up to where it should be yet, but I agree Quintal is playing much worse hockey right now. I always find it weird to hear Pednault jump on Souray when he's making a bad play but failing to notice (or aknowledge) the pitty poor play of Quintal of late.

I think Rivet was horrible at the begining of the year and Quintal was playing well. Things have turned however and Quintal is playing horribly now (and the benching didn't help) while Rivet's game is improving. Again, it's nowhere near of what it should be for a veteran like him, but last game he played much better, and much better than Quintal. He also is working hard on the ice, he just makes boneheaded plays because he tries too hard and lacks confidence. I'm really looking forward to see Rivet play like he did in the WC. But it hasn't been the case so far.

Of course, Komisarek IMO is playing better than both, but will probably end up sitting because of their veteran status. Hope I'm wrong.

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