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Originally Posted by OriginJM View Post
Might be personal but... can you guys afford these boxes? I'd love to buy one, I just don't know if you guys were just saving up to get one or it's just something you picked up because you make decent money. I want to get a box, but I don't want to sell my kidneys to get a few.
Personally, I'm now broke haha. In 2010 we had a house fire and I ended up throwing out most of my cards except for my Flyers and inserts, etc. So this set actually fits in quite well with the stuff I kept. I had saved up money and after some expenses (getting engaged, paying back a tiny piece of my student loans, gifts for other people, and of course paying my bar renewal fee) I thought to myself "I haven't bought myself a single thing with the money I made (besides one new blank jersey)" so I decided to buy what I could. I can always make more money (hopefully), but I can't make them produce more of this set.

Now if you were not so much a collector as you were someone who looks to flip the product, the box prices are going up and the cards themselves are worth something since (a) you cannot get a full set with a case and (b) limited production run and variants make collectors wanting more. So it would be an investment you could probably make money on.

Even if you don't want to sell them, you have to figure at least each autograph or memorabilia card is $10 or so (not including variants or big players) and you get 6 per box ($60), plus 8 base cards (even without gold versions) maybe $3 each (more for bigger players) so average $24 (total $84 which is what you would get them for pre-order).

You can rationalize anything, just depends on if you want to pay the money for cards or something else.

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