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Originally Posted by SCritical View Post
Can you skate? If so, maybe stick time first would be a good idea so you can just mess around and get used to skating in the gear with a stick. If you can't skate, go to the beginners class first so you can get an idea of what you need to practice.

I terrified before my first beginners class - there's only one class so it was just me and like 15 ten year olds haha. I was so intimidated that I nearly didn't go back - that would have been a huge mistake

I like to think I can skate. I'm still not completely comfortable doing backwards crossovers though, but transitions, forwards crossovers and stopping all come pretty naturally at this point. I've been taking skating lessons (in full gear) for about two months now.

Thankfully the class is an adult class, so i've heard it ranges from 18 yr olds who have been figure skating their whole lives and are trying to switch to hockey, all the way to 70 yr olds who have never skated. I'm pretty interested to see where I am in terms of "readiness".

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