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Originally Posted by MurphyDump View Post
I still believe that Crosby didn't take a pay raise in signing his new deal because he spoke to Parise about coming to play in Pittsburgh. After all, they are pretty close friends.

Crosby didn't take a pay raise, Shero unloaded Staal's salary in the trade, he dumped Michalek's salary in the's almost like this was known. The smiles from Bylsma during the interview at the's almost like they were very confident they would land him.

There's no doubt that Crosby and Parise talk, and talk a lot. I'm pretty sure they've discussed him playing his wing and therefore Sid signed a contract to allow room for Parise.

Again, this is all speculation, but even if it's close to being true, I can't see Parise going somewhere else after Sid didn't even take a pay raise to allow room for him. That, and the fact that Shero unloaded salary as well. Crosby hasn't had a high end winger since Hossa, and he made the sacrifice so that Shero could get him one. I'm sure Crosby had an idea of whether or not Parise was coming. If he wasn't coming, I'm sure he would have told Sid before he signed his contract.

I dunno, just my two cents.
If he doesn't sign with Pittsburgh, are we going to get a repeat of the "how could Hossa do this to Sid?!" posts from 4 years ago?

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