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Originally Posted by MurphyDump View Post
Again, this is all speculation, but even if it's close to being true, I can't see Parise going somewhere else after Sid didn't even take a pay raise to allow room for him. That, and the fact that Shero unloaded salary as well. Crosby hasn't had a high end winger since Hossa, and he made the sacrifice so that Shero could get him one. I'm sure Crosby had an idea of whether or not Parise was coming. If he wasn't coming, I'm sure he would have told Sid before he signed his contract.

I dunno, just my two cents.
i'm sure that was the idea, but just because Crosby & the Pens organization did all that to try to land Parise doesn't mean it's guaranteed or that Parise owes them anything... they did that all on their own free will

while I'm sure Parise appreciates the gesture, in the end regardless of what all the teams have done to bend over backwards for the chance to get him, he'll go to where he & his family want to play/live for the next decade, not because a friend decided to take a few million less... it's still business

that being said, I think he's choosing between Pittsburgh (championships), Philly (money) or Minnesota (loyalty to hometown and potentially being "the guy" who put a franchise on his back and made them a legit contender)

real tough decision

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