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Originally Posted by Mota View Post
Assuming that's all true, the fact that he hasn't signed yet says something happened Sunday that he was not expecting. Based on reports, I would say he was leaning toward Pitt like you said, but then the Flyers came out of left field with offers for him and Suter in a whole different stratesphere then what the Pens offered him.

If you're Parise and you go into Sunday with a good idea that youre signing in Pitt for 10 years, around 75 mil...then another team offers you 30 more million...and that same team is willing to pay your buddy Suter the same amount, that has to stop and make you think...especially since Philly is close to where he lives now.

On top of that, your home town team also offers you a contract close to what the Flyers did, and now you have another option on the table.

I am just speculating, but that is kind of where I think this situation is. I think Holmgren made offer far above what Parise was expecting, and other teams (Minny, possibly CHI) have followed. Pitt, prob is unwilling to spend that much money for cap reasons and because it would look bad if they gave Parise more money than Crosby. My point is though, Pitt maybe where he wanted to go, but the offers from Philly and Minny have made themselves options now...for money and family reasons.
I think this is all that needs to be said.

Parise may have very well been 99% set on Pittsburgh, but Noon EST Sunday a wild card appeared (Flyers). Once word started making the rounds about the type of money the Flyers had offered, then Minnesota sweetened their deal... and then Chicago entered the mix. Shero is not dumb enough to throw the kind of money the Flyers are allegedly throwing at Parise.

The longer this goes on the worse it is for the Penguins IMO.

It all just depends on what is important to Parise. Does he go home to Minny and make 30 million more? Does he go play with a good friend and make 30 million less. Does he make his fiance' happy by making it possible for her to continue her teaching career in NJ/not uproot what they have started as a family and make 30 million more?

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