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07-03-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post

We had the Rags beat multiple times last year until both goalies flopped.

We beat the Baby Bears while we were healthy and had extremely close games with them throughout the rest of the year except for a single game where we had like 5-6 starters out.

We got bounced by a team who took advantage by our lack of D and terrible Roo was gone a game.

None of that exactly screams to me that it was the forwards fault.

The '06/'07 disaster wasn't solely because of expecting too much from young players. It was a compound of factors like losing the majority of our vets, the few vets left were constantly hurt (Foresberg), zero goaltending and then finally we expected too much from the young guns.

Clearly after losing Primeau, Johnsson and Desjardin we needed a rebuild and that it would be a tough year.

You speak like the common mentality that is Philadelphia management. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Why not actually keep our prospects and raise them to be the stars of tomorrow?

Instead we either trade them or picks (Versteeg) for guys that nearing the end of their career (Pronger).

We lost a considerable amount of age last year and played like a veteran team. I see zero reason for trading away the youth unless we are trying to improve our weak spots....and that's not at the forward position.
Amen brother. I look at teams like LA and Nashville who kept their players together and then used their picks/players to fill in needs at the trade dealine. This is the model I prefer. I am not a fan of the go for the home-run or strike out approach every off season.

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