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07-03-2012, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
If we land both then--no Hjalmarsson+Monatdor(trades) ,Frolik (europe loner) and Stalberg (trade)...($3.5,2.75,2.33,.875 million) = 9.465 million off the cap --hawks have $7.754 cap space currently cap room =$ 17.219 million ---

a 100 million 13 yr deal for Parise = 7.692 million

a 90 million 13 yr deal for Suter = 6.92 million ("near" home discount)

IF on individual deals..

HOWEVER--indications are there is also a duo offer for less if BOTH sign with chicago..

ASSUME they both sign thus kicking in the duo condition .. instead of 190 million for each combined if there were no duo clause --this reduces to $180 combined..Each separate offer reduces 5.26 % ... SO Parise gets approx. 94.74 million/13 years= 7.287 million cap hit...Suter gets 85.266 million /13= $6.558 million cap hit...

TOTAL cap hit combined = $ 13.845 million cap hit

$17.219m-$13.845m= $3.374 million under cap to fill out roster or injury additions or trade deadline acquisition...

something like that...

D CORPS if Hammer+ montador chopped if we get both Parise+Suter:

Keith Seabrook
Suter# Brookbank
Oduya Leddy *
OLSEN /DAHLBECK (whichever earns the 7th d spot)

* #1 PP unit (Suter+Leddy)

LINES up front:

Parise Toews Kane
Sharp Kruger Hossa
Bickell Bolland Shaw
Carcillo Mayers Hayes



Parise Toews Saad
Sharp Kane Hossa
Bickell Bolland Shaw
Carcillo Kruger Mayers


GOAL: Crawford + Emery BUT we have cap room to get a trade deadline goalie if we see crawford has not improved to required standard (we should have enough to win in reg season nyway but we'llnote the save % -if not good enoigh to win a Cup we could add a vet goalie upgrade at the trade deadline to get us to true CUP contender status ..

THe money parts of the Parise and Suter offres are probably close by several teamms the only difference being willingness to part with how much cash in signing bounus up front in the first 2 years.. I guess Rocky is willing to go hard on up front bonus payouts which is why we are in this "frenzy"...

BUT the overall cap hit and term are probaly less important to the players than the overall money and how quickly they get most of it ..PLUS the intagibles of where they prefer to play...SO i think we CAN do both while keeping Kane--but IF Kane himself bombs again this seasaon then he willbe gonzoed next year for our shot at possibly WEBER... and the merry-go- reound would continue..
Very good post.

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