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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Precisely, however, were obviously not overly strong on the wing. This was painfully evident every time we played the rangers, bruins or really any team that plays a high pressure checking system. We can't compete. Hell we saw this PLAINLY when we played the devils in the playoffs. Hartnell is our #1 winger. Hartnell had a great season last year, but there's something wrong with that statement. It's unreasonable to expect him to repeat what he did last season, esepecially with Jagr gone from that line. Right now, our wing depth chart looks like this.


This isn't taking into consideration players we have playing out of their natural position. Matt Read is a natural center. If we move briere to the wing, where he's historically been much less effective offensively, that's 2 forwards in the top 6 or 9 playing out of position, not to mention that schenn would likely be moved to the wing as well if another winger isn't signed or acquired.

If we trade voracek, read and a 1st for Ryan, he instantly becomes your #1 winger, and instead you'd see


We would still have the cap space to sign another wing, such as doan or even Semin if we wanted to take the risk. Our Offense then becomes much more balanced.


You then have just 1 forward in the top 9 playing out of position. (I don't count Wellwood who's naturally a left wing, nor do I could talbot who IMO is actually more effective at the wing).

Just my opinion. I believe in a more balanced attack than loading up at one position and calling yourselves "deep".

I just disagree that players playing out of their natural position was the reason we got pushed around by NJ.

It was NJ's forecheck on our weakened D that caused us to get pushed around.

GM1 we had plenty of breakout room and capitalized. The rest, NJ adjusted and were in the face of our D who couldn't make a breakout pass to save their lives.

When our forwards played aggressively (Pitt series and the fight filled Boston game in Philly), it really didn't matter who played where. We easily had one of the best sets of fwds in the NHL.

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