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07-03-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
Lets be clear just to be sure, i am NOT advocating replacing him with Beach. I didnt bring him up, I was just commenting that despite the sarcastic idea of replacing Stalberg with him, the difference between the production of the two isnt what it should be considering Beach has never played in the NHL.

But Saad? You betcha I'd like to see him tried there. I've seen the alternative and I am just neither impressed nor do I see much reason to believe it will develop further, whereas I see much more upside to trying Saad, and at least see what he can do with the same opportunity.
Despite the fact that Stalberg has quite literally done nothing but improve as a player since coming to Chicago, you don't "see much reason to believe he'll develop further."
Actually, you used the word "it" instead of "he'll" but hey.

Blech, should take my own advice and stop wasting my time. Arguments are impossible to win on HF, the land where nobody admits they're ever wrong.

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