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07-03-2012, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Well, with Schultz, the money was pretty much non-negotiable outside of bonuses, so it came down to fit.
They had to whittle their options down too, as 26 teams reportedly had legitimate interest.
He listened to presentations from teams and make his decision based mostly on them, as he likely didn't really have a good idea of how some of the teams play.
Even with all of that, he took all of two days from the time he listened to presentations to the time he signed with the Oilers.

With Parise and Suter, the money is negotiable and only so many teams are legitimate suitors (whether it's fit or money), plus they are veterans in the league and know much more about how they'd fit on certain teams than a guy who has never played a game.

The market also wasn't clogged up by Schultz, but it is by Parise and Suter.
Yeah... but what it boils down to is people making a life choice .. It's 13 years compared to 2 years for Schultz. I understand the frustration of fans because of the so called "hold up" but c'mon no way do these guys need to take us fans sitting on HF Boards or Twitter into consideration.

Having said all that... I'm frustrated and antsy as well.

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